Benners Best Friend Fence

One thing to keep in mind is a dog won't go after what he or she can't see. Consider choosing a fence that blocks the animal's view of the outside world.

Knowing the Different Types of Dog Fencing

A fence offers a certain amount of safety to the pet. There are many risks to a dog, especially if the owner lives in the city limits. Car accidents, theft, illness: a pet is continuously in danger without the right amount of precaution. Below is some information about the different types of fencing.

Wood fencing

A traditional fence refers to the standard fencing used to define and give privacy to an area. This type of dog fence is usually made of wood. Among the popular ones, most people opt for a picket fence. With a basic style, it is the most straightforward dog fence to put in place.


The advantage of this type of fencing is to have complete freedom over the structure of the fence. Composed of horizontal boards nailed to vertical boards, homeowners choose the size and the thickness and the distance of the boards. If you have a home in the countryside or a quiet suburb, this type of fence is ideal.

Natural fences (hedging)

Mother Nature can also help pet owners train their dog – with a hedge fence. All this is are a group of bushes designed to keep pets inside the yard and others out. While hedges have been a country trend in the past, they are now accessible to urban dwellers.

The hedge is mostly made up of shrubs and native plants. You have the opportunity to choose the variety of plants that make up a plant fence. Like a fence post, this fence also offers an advantage over the aesthetics of the house.

Where it stands out is intimacy. A hedge covers a large part of the house so that the outside cannot see inside the yard.

Modern wireless fencing

If a person has a dog with strong character, wireless fences are more suitable. Many people confuse the term electric fence and wireless fence, yet the roles are very distinct. A so-called electric fence refers to an electrically-conductive grid. It serves to protect you and your dog from the animal’s maliciousness through non-lethal shocks.

There is also a wireless system that is very efficient. Regarding wireless fencing, this is the new way of protecting your pet without punishing it. Thanks to a radar system, as soon as the dog leaves the defined area, they will get a slight “shock” that teaches them to return to the yard. For more details or information, visit today.